Mobile Store Rental

Mobile Store Rental
Are you looking to go into business for yourself or raise money for a worthy cause? Our mobile store rentals could be just what you need to get your business or fundraising idea off the ground.

Our policies are flexible, and our rates are affordable. You can rent our mobile stores by the day, week, or month. Purchase our Natural Fruit Shaved Ice products to sell in our store, as well as any other food products you think will be appropriate. Then bring our store to your location and watch the products fly off the shelves. Whether you’re raising money at an event or you’re testing out the business waters for yourself, we’re sure that with a bit of work, you’ll be on the road to success in no time.

Mobile Store Rental Prices
Daily Rental

• $100/day
• $300 security deposit
Weekly Rental

• $200/week
• $500 security deposit
Monthly Rental

• $500/month
• $1,500 security deposit
Our mobile stores are modern and well-maintained. They come equipped with everything you need to successfully operate your business: a refrigerator, freezer, sink, counter, and of course, plenty of space.

Fruit Products

We do ask that you purchase Natural Fruit Shaved Ice from us to sell. You can purchase them in 4-gallon containers for $25 each ($7 refundable deposit on each container). We have a full line of delicious flavors for you. Let us know where your event will be and what’s going on, and we can suggest how much fruit shaved ice you’re likely to need.

To learn more and make arrangements for your rental, call Carlos today at (210) 573-4093!
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